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Artist Statement

 Perhaps art is about presenting different mental maps that can help shape the subconscious and, hence, our future. Life becomes what we think. 

Most of my paintings from the three series of recent years align with a utopian world I call Smuggler’s Cove. It is a place where horses run wild, the ocean is clear and warm, sea life abundant and mountains verdant. There are hints that romanticized bohemians and cowpokes sometimes go rogue, but it is generally a place where mindful living is the norm, a land of peace, beauty, happiness, and abundance.  

Play is important for me as a way to allow images and ideas to emerge. It provides that looseness of childhood for exploring simple things, not knowing where it will lead. I start with an abstract background to work against.  Then shapes, generally inspired by nature, arrive as the many layers develop.  I like each painting to define and generate its own environment, rather than react to some formal guidelines.  

Being able to disconnect from the hectic and distracting world we live in is essential, now more than ever.  My hope is that these paintings invite viewers to be more present in the moment and in nature, and encourage a better vision for honoring life on the planet.