Janey was raised in Beaumont, Texas, and spent a lot of time with her mom’s extended family at the coast.  Favorite remembrances include playing beach volleyball, surfing, floating in the gulf on giant inner tubes from her uncle’s rice combines, and family feasts of fresh seafood.

These memories carry a connection now with the ocean, and a utopian vision that she explores in her search for “how can I use art as a force for good”?  Never venturing far from the seaside, Janey moved to the San Francisco bay area in 1981, where her favorite and frequent refuge is local beaches. 

Upon graduation from high school, Janey was offered an art scholarship. The fear of being a starving artist drove her to get a degree in mathematics with minors in art and sociology from Lamar University.  Janey’s art education continued at the University of Houston, San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkeley, and College of Marin. 

Janey completed an Artist in Residency at Kriti Gallery in Varanasi, India, December of 2017, and this past May and June, she had a solo exhibition of her work at the Maturango Museum in southern California. Her paintings are collected nationally and internationally. In 2018 she was commissioned for numerous pieces for Kaiser Permanente Technology Center, Sutter Cathedral Hills Hospital, and Bodega Bay Lodge.

Her studio is in the San Francisco bay area, in San Rafael, California.