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Janey was raised in Beaumont, Texas, and spent a lot of time with her mom’s extended family who had beach cabins that they helped each other build.   Favorite remembrances include big family feasts, swimming, playing beach volleyball, and later surfing.

These memories carry a connection now with nature, the ocean, and a utopian vision.  Never venturing far from the seaside, Janey moved to the San Francisco bay area in 1981.

Upon graduation from high school, Janey was offered an art scholarship. However, the fear of being a starving artist drove her to get a degree in mathematics with minors in art and sociology from Lamar University.  Perhaps reflecting these diverse interests, the over-arching narrative of her current work, Smuggler's Cove, is three nature-based series combining representational and abstract images.

Janey’s art education continued at the University of Houston, San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkeley, and College of Marin.  Her studio is in the San Francisco bay area, in Greenbrae, California.